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, i sat down with aderal mike mullen when he visited our offices in virginia. mullein started his <÷& extraordinary military career at the naval academy in 1964. he was commissioned in 1968 and became chief of nave operations in 2007, chairman of the joint - chief of staff. during his tonier that well end in october, he has in the wars in afghanistan and iraq, managing the thorny pakistan relationship and preparing the united states for a leaner future. we started with afghanistan. with bin laden dead and relations with pakistan fraying. americans, including those who served in afghani, are saying that the mission is unduable the best course is to withdrawal as soon as possible. i asked the chief if the mission is still achievable. >> a critical part of the world. as we focus on this, it has been a focus on both afghanistan and pakistan and the region. as you said, bin laden is dead and had a huge impact on al- qaeda, but it did not eliminate al-qaeda. their leadership still lives there, and they threaten to plot and kill as many americans as they possibly can. we need to continu
by america's highest-ranking military officer, admiral mike mullen, the government in islamabad sanctioned the killing of a pakistani journalist. saleem shahzad was kidnapped near his home in may. his body was found two days later in punjab province. joining me now from islamabad is aleem maqbool. aleem, the circumstances of his death were really quite staggering. inevitably it provoked a row. >> yes, that's right. he was killed at the end of may. he was picked up very close to here one evening, and he was found beaten to death a couple of days later. saleem shahzad had just written an article about what he found was a link about elements within pakistan's navy and al qaeda. it's something that is an issue that still very much taboo here in pakistan. authorities come down very harshly on those who write about topics like that. there are a lot of people in pakistan who felt, in the media, human rights groups, that the intelligence agency, the very powerful intelligence agency here, the i.s.i., was involved in that. it's something that caused a lot of criticism of the i.s.i. and authorities.
and lesbians are happy with getting step one out of the way. >> we have leon by net ta and mike mullen coming over to see the president today. we expect this will become official business. but we should really think back with mike mullen and his testimony and the way he framed it as a moral issue. we tell the men and women of the military that it is the code of conduct to lie about anything once they're in the military and we're asking them to lie about this fundamental aspect of themselves. it was that testimony that was perhaps the most compelling to the senate. >> exactly. very, very powerful chairman mullen was very personal in how he described this sort of contradiction between what a service member is honored or bound to do. took an oath to join the military to do and something that official military policy is asking them to do. the contradiction was quite stark. he laid it out. he went a long way towards the momentum building to have this repeal lifted. >> for those who think it's a basic several rights issue that maybe mike mullen's greatest legacy. thank you very much, joe. >> my ple
see their checks stopped. the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen was in kandahar today and while speaking with soldiers they brought up the debt fight here in washington. >> there are many of you living paycheck to paycheck and if paychecks were to stop, it can have a devastating ill pact and devastating impact pretty quickly. >> and he told the soldiers like most government agencies there will be belt tightening and cuts and that include cutbacks to military benefits. >>> here at home we have been following what is a serious concern for residents and business owners in adams comorg. last week police instituted operation adams morgan, but now they have one measure that has been making a difference and they have put an end to it. darcy spencer is there tonight. >> reporter: last weekend d.c. police launched operation adams morgan in an attempt to tame the night life some are saying is out of control. friday night, police eliminated the parking on the southside of northeast which is the side of most of the bars. police say that police have abruptly changed course and no longer will
. as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, discovered for himself today, nbc's jim wikachenski is traveling with him. >> reporter: here at the hot spots of kandahar, american soldiers and marines are still dodging bullets, rockets and road side bombs every day. amazingly, when they had a chance to throw questions at the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, their number one concern was the ongoing debate back home over the debt ceiling. >> the checkbook is not unlimited. >> reporter: admiral mullen told soldiers at kandahar that if the talks failed they'd still have to fight but they might not get paid. >> there are plenty of you that are living paycheck to paycheck. so if paychecks were to stop, it can have a devastating impact and it can have a devastating impact pretty quickly. >> reporter: at camp leatherneck, mullen told marines given the state of the u.s. economy, all the services face a cutback in the size of the force, and maybe even military benefits. >> we're going to have to tighten our belts. we're going to have to prioritize, have
chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, their number one concern was the ongoing debate back home over the debt ceiling. >> the checkbook is not unlimited. >> reporter: admiral mullen told soldiers at kandahar that if the talks failed they'd still have to fight but they might not get paid. >> there are plenty of you that are living paycheck to paycheck: so if paychecks were to stop, it can have a devastating impact, and it can have a devastating impact pretty quickly. >> reporter: at camp leatherneck, mullen told marines given the state of the u.s. economy, all the services face a cutback in the size of the force, and maybe even military benefits. >> we're going to have to tighten our belts. we're going to have to prioritize, have to make some hard decisions. >> reporter: so here in the middle of the war zone like many americans these service members: are worried about their jobs anc are asking, what the heck is 1: going on back in washington? lester? >> our chief white house correspondent and political cc1: director chuck todd joins us now. chuck, we heard there that troops there are
during his visit today to afghanistan. admirable mike mullen told him he does not know the answer, but says he's confident they will eventually get any salary they're owed. >>> failure to raise the debt ceiling could have widespread impact and end up costing us all more. interest rates for homes and cars are expected to rise. rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage could go a half percent. economists believe the crisis could lead to a further drop in the value of the u.s. dollar. as a result the price for goods, specifically imported from china, like rice and spices would increase. jitters about the debt deadline are having an impact on wall street. the dow lost 581 points last week. there's the biggest weekly drop in a year. >>> a stanford political science expert says the impasse is nothing new. professor david brady says both parties have the same problem, getting their members to compromise. republicans have to convince tea party and democrats have to convince moderates. >> i think it's sort of normal politics, exacerbated by the criticalness of the problem. again, exacerbated bite
. >> reporter: met welcome mike mullen chairman of the u.s. joints chiefs of staff on monday. at the joint press conference, chen expressed displeasure that the united states was seeking to get involved in territorial disputes between asian nations. >> translator: although the u.s. side has many times expressed it would not intervene in disputes over the south china sea, it's in fact clearly sending the opposite signal to the world. it carried out joint military exercises with vietnam an the philippines. although this is not the first time it was extremely inappropriate to do it at this time. >> reporter: the remark drew a sharp response from mullen. >> the united states has had a presence in the asia pacific region for decades. and we've exercised with our allies and friends in this part of the world for decades. and we will continue to do that. >> reporter: on the south china sea issue, the two nations fail to find common ground. china has said the dispute should be solved through a series of bilateral dialogues but the united states has insisted on a multinational framework. later this month,
.s. troops overseas will still have to fight but they may not get paid. that's what mike mullen told army soldiers and marines in afghanistan today. now in the middle of a war zone, just like many americans back home, the service members are worried about their jobs and what is going on with their government. >> there are plenty of you in a are living paycheck to paycheck. so if paychecks were to stop, it could have a devastating impact and a devastating impact pretty quickly. >> the only way federal employees can get paid is through defense contractors or medicare providers, that means the u.s. would have to pay penalties and interest on the late bills which would drive up the deficit even more. >>> coming up next at 11:00 -- down but not out, a bay area woman isn't letting anything stand in her way of a dream. her story comes with a call for help from police in the east bay tonight. >>> and it could have been catastrophic. remarkably, everyone survived this plane crash. tonight hear what passengers say was happening when the plane was folding in half. turn left. you have arrived. sweet
of the joint chiefs admiral mike mullen helped clear the way in february. >> it is my personal belief allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly would be the right thing to do. >> reporter: some argue the process was political. elaine donnelly in the center for military readiness who has fought for years against the repeal writes it's an obvious political payoff delivered at the expense of combat soldiers and marines whose voices were heard but ignored. in december congress repealed the 18-year-old policy which had caused 14,000 service members to be kicked out of the military due to their sexuality. each service had to provide training and information sessions for the forces before the pentagon would certify that the force was prepared for the law's repeal. mike almy was dismissed from the military in 2006 for being gay. he served four tours in iraq and ran the air war over fallujah until his commanding officers found e-mails on his computer sent to a boyfriend. today he welcomed the repeal. >> a little bittersweet for me personally. five years ago today was my final day on active duty, the d
time that united states could respond militarily to a major cyber attack. last week admiral mike mullen said cyber attacks are the threat that keeps him awake at night. today deputy defense secretary bill lynn joins us to discuss it. the strategy was completed late last year but it has taken seven months to unclassify the version that can be replaced publicly. secretary lynn will step down after more than two years on the job. he started his career on capitol hill and spent the entire clinton administration at the pentagon. he worked for industry including raytheon before returning to the pentagon in 2008 as the deputy defense secretary that plays a key role in running one of the most complex organizations. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> what are the key tenants of the strategy? what has been implemented and what is yet to be implemented to further improve cyber security as time goes on. >> the strategy has five pillars. the first pillar is that we need to treat cyberspace as a domain, that is, we need to be able to operate, train and equip our forces to operate and def
, they ask a question to mike mullen of this nature and he basically says i don't know the answer to that question. wow. barbara starr is over at the pentagon. we'll check in with her. continuing the breaking news coverage right after this. ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> lots of confusion about what will happen to the united states military if the u.s. can't pay its bills come due starting on tuesday. a spokesman for admiral mike mullen telling cnn the admiral doesn't know what the impact would
of american troops. mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, announcing the order during a visit to that country. he said u.s. forces are making that progress in their campaign against insurgents but it's pushing up pressure of islamabad to push out. >> pakistan is home to many terrorists. they are home to the headquarters of al-qaeda who still is an organization that plots to kill as many americans as they possibly can. it's home to other terrorist organizations. >> reporter: admiral mullen talks about a strategic partnership between the u.s. and afghanistan, saying it will take some time. >> it takes hard negotiation and a very clear understanding of what the issues are on both sides and that work is ongoing. >> reporter: meanwhile a series of deadly attacks continue across the country. on the day before the islamic holy month of ramadon begins, a bombing killed 10 people. the taliban claims responsibility for the attack which targeted police officers. there are about 100,000 american troops currently in afghanistan. under president obama's plan, 10,000 will be brought
mike mullen who's visiting them this weekend. somewhat unbelievably, several u.s. troops said their major concern was not getting paid because of this budget fight in washington. in response, mullen was blunt. he said it would be devastating. well, today our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski followed up in an exclusive conversation with admiral mullen. >> reporter: brian, admiral mullen fully expected to talk to the soldiers and marines about the war here in afghanistan. not the one in washington. >> they weren't talking about afghanistan. they weren't talking about the fight they were in. this isn't surprising, but when you're deployed you want to make sure everything's okay at home. >> soldiers and marines in the middle of a war zone worrying about getting paid. >> they always worry about getting paid. they just sort of expect it to happen. >> reporter: you said that if, in fact, paychecks were held up, that many in the services would be devastated by missing a single paycheck. what do you mean by that? >> over half of us are married now. we're living paycheck to paych
a statement by the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen, that pakistan security forces may have allowed the killing of a pakistani journalist. s shalim shahzad was investigating. ties between the two countries have been strained since the killing of osama bin laden. >>> new overnight, a water main break sent water into the street near key bridge and canal road in georgetown. our crew snapped pictures of the gushing water. the break left a lot of standing water on the road. we left messages with d.c. water, but we haven't heard from the report yet. >>> a new report says pepco tops the list of the most hated companies in america. that's according to the american customer satisfaction index group. the utility company ranked dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service, high prices, and privacy intrusions. pepco was followed by delta, time warner cable took the third spot, comcast took the fourth spot. comcast, of course, is the parent company of nbc universal, which owns nbc 4. a cable tv provider charter communications came in fifth. bank of america,
obama and joint chiefs of staff mike mullen. during the remarks, the president surprised gates by giving him the highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> and to know bob is to know his profound sense of duty. to country, to our security and most of all, to our men and women who get up every day and put on america's uniform and put their lives on the line. >> robert gates became defense secretary under president george w. bush and stayed on after president obama was elected. outgoing cia director leon panetta will replace him. panetta's successor is u.s. general david petraeus. the senate unanimously confirmed his nomination. he's looking forward to working with the leaders of other intelligence agencies and furthering the cia's relationship with congress. >>> 4:308 now. coming up. smoking can cost you health wise, but now also cost you a job. >>> at 4:50, the federal government issues a new warning about medical marijuana. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes. you're watching 9news now. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only t
of violence in the region. admiral mike mullen is on a visit to china, which is embroiled in rowes with the philippines and vietnam about territory. the united states has suspended $800 million of military aid to pakistan. tensions were already high before the al qaeda leader osama bin laden was killed in a u.s. raid in an army raid. more recently, 100 military trainers have been expelled, and they threatened to shut down a c.i.a. base. our correspondent, aleem maqbool, is in islamabad, and earlier, i asked him how humiliating this is for pakistan given they need u.s. aid to help pay for security. >> we keep hearing leaks about various things that the american officials are accusing pakistan of doing. certainly the pakistanis feel very much under pressure. they do need the dollars, but not to the extent that we might think, because they do get a large proportion -- the pakistani army gets a large proportion of the domestic budget here, but it is the humiliation more than anything that will help the pakistani army. and yes, the two sides do need each other. nobody's talking about br
minutes ago. thank you. >>> joints chief of staff chairman admiral mike mullen has become the highest military officer to go on the record accusing iran of killing american troops in iran. mullen today supported allegations we've been telling you about that iran is shipping weapons to extremist shia groups and says forensics prove it. it has to be dealt with >>> one of europe'smo popular newspapers is shutting down after 168 years over its involve in the a phone hacking scandal. the paper is owned by the parent company of fox news. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has the story from london. >> the newspaper at the center of the storm will roll off the presses just one last time this sunday. the profits will go to good causes according to james murdock who runs the international side of the media group. the tabloid "news of the world" had one point had been the best selling english language pape over the world. until recently, the top sunday paper in britain. >> i feel regret. clearly practices of certain individuals did not live up to the standards and quality of journ
, chairman of the joint chiefs mike mullen, asked, will we get paid? and he was forced to say, i simply don't know. but beyond that, america's international friends and, indeed, its friendemies, are concerned. they say, it is damaging. they call it irresponsible, what's happening in washington. especially china, which holds the most u.s. debtbt. it's calling for a resolution to this. and a key investment manager says to me, that the rest of the world is stunned, bewildered, more than a little worried. and that the damage has already being done. it's already more than a flesh wound. >> always fun to hear the word friendemy on the evening news. christiane, let me just pick up on the last thing you said there. do you really think that even if a deal is done and they beat the clock, that real damage has been done in a lasting way? >> well, look. this is what people there are saying. that the level of thth acrimony, the level of the paralysis, the partisanship here, has sent a discouraging signal about america's ability to lead. about the impasse on its global leadership and its prestige. so, th
a year in security assistance. >>> u.s. joint chiefs of staff admiral -- chairman admiral mike mullen says china should no longer be described as a rising power, declaring it's a full-fledged world power hp he made the remarks at the start of a four-day visit to beijing. he called on china to become a global partner in addressing security challenges in asia and beyond. >>> jay si dugard speaking about her 18 years in captivity at the hands of philly and nancy garrido. she was 11 when kidnapped by garrido, a convicted sex offender, as she was walking to school. she talked about the long, horrifying ordeal with abc's diane sawyer. >> you would never know what she survived unless you notice how her face changes when she speaks of the past and the charm around her neck, a pine cone. >> back then it was the last thing i touched. the last grip on me. now it's a symbol of hope and new beginnings and that there is life after something tragic. >> amazing that she's turned out the way she has. she's 31 years old. again, she raised two children that were fathered by the guy who kidnapped her. >>
. instead china has arrived. those words today from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen in beijing in a four-week visit. china's growing military strength comes with an obligation to the world. >> greater military power must come greater responsibility, greater cooperation and just as important, greater transparency. without these things the expansion of military power in your region rather than making it more secure and stable, could have the opposite effect. >> this china trip is one of admiral mullen's final acts as joint chiefs chairman. he retires this fall. now to the white house where in just four hours, heated deficit reduction talks could further intensify. president obama and congressional leaders will come face to face attempting to bridge a bipartisan divide that has widened dramatically over the last 24 hours alone. dan, what caused the talks to derail last night? and what impact will that have on the meetings scheduled for tonight? >> reporter: two very good questions, house speaker john boehner threw in the towel after saying that the white house an
of this agreement. >> so what happens if there isn't a deal? u.s. military members ask that question to mike mullen yesterday. he visited troops in afghanistan. soldiers overseas could see their checks stopped if no deal is reached. the possibility admiral discussed with them during that visit. >> there are plenty of you living paycheck to paycheck. so if paychecks were to stop it could have a devastating impact and devastating impact pretty quickly. he said there will be some belt tightening going on. departments of education, labor, justice, and energy would be some of the first groups to not be paid. >>> two small planes collide in alaska filling four people. they're not sure how the planes ran into each other. but they were it happened in uncontrolled airspace. one of the planes able to land safely in anchorage. authorities are studying the plane that landed safely to determine the cause of the collision. >>> two separate lawsuits kop contradict who may have been at fault. john davis trucking company filed a lawsuit claiming amtrak and union pacific did not maintain a safe railroad crossing. am
secretary leon panetta and mike mullen as he prepares to bring a formal end to "don't ask, don't tell." and later today, the pentagon officials will certify that the policy that bans gays and lesbians from serving openly can be implemented with readiness. that repeal is expected to take place in september for the full repeal. and jim krzyzewski is with us in at the pentagon. >> 24 is really the end of a 20-year-old fight to ban gays from openly serving in the u.s. military. but it is far -- it is not the final step that. fight is far from over. because, once gays begin to serve openly in the military, they will still be deprived however of some of the benefits that are afforded married couples for example. and in terms of the death benefits and housing. that is because of the defense of marriage act federal law up on capitol hill which prohibits the military from allowing these kinds of benefits to be given to openly gay service members who have a same s-sex partner, so again, the clock is ticking when president obama is expected to certify that there will be no harm to readiness and
chairman admiral mike mullen was speaking in -- best-selling newspaper released its final edition this morning amid folk hacking and bribery allegations. in the issue, "news of the world" apologized for its, quote, appalling wrongdoing. police are conducting two separate investigations into the actions of the newspaper's former staffers. those are your top stories. >>> now back to fareed zakaria gps. >>> put your thinks caps on for a moment. which continent has 6 of the 10 largest growing economies? which continent has the world's newest nation? you said asia, that's wrong. which continent has seven of the top ten failed states in the world. ? the continent, of course, is afri africa. that's what i want to talk to my two terrific guests about. nicholas kristof and peter godwin. both are just back from africa. peter has a new book out called "the fear." you're back from a trip where you take a college student across africa. is it fair to say for the first time -- there's always been failed states that tended to be from africa, but is it fair to say you see an africa on the move, an
panetta and admiral mike mullens certified the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" yesterday. there has been a ban on gays in the military since world war i, but military leaders said two weeks ago that allowing dwas to serve openly would not impact combat readiness. they say, however, that they will keep a close eye on the process. >> there will be zero tolerance for harassment, violence, or discrimination of any kind. >> gay members will be able to openly acknowledge their sexual orientation beginning september 20th. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley is making same-sex marriage a top priority in 2012 by sponsoring a bill in the upcoming length late difference session. he made the announce the yesterday along with lawmakers who are already pushing for a gay marriage bill. the governor said his focus will be to allow for equal protection for same-sex couples while also preserving religious freedom. that means the state can't punish religious groups for refusing to perform same sex unions. >>> alan gross made a final appeal to the cuban government to reduce or dismiss his prison sentence.
said he does not know if the troops will get paid on time. and the admire ral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, acknowledged the uncertainty with a visit to troops in afghanistan. he has confidence that even if there is some sort of delay, everyone will get their back checks. >> closer to home, drivers on the bay bridge need to slow down, that's prompted new chp patrols. and we have more on how the spike was discovered. when you can expect more officers on duty. >> pull on to the curve and it is a median. >> the s-curve is starting. you can see the signs. you can feel the rumble that are going over. >> a barrage of speed deterrents from the lights to the signs. >> it is information overload when you get on the bridge, something they will not see are sensors. they have been there a couple of years and the data shows the drivers hit the curve on off peak hours are speeding up. >> we found the sensors that has been put up showed an increase 160 miles per hour. >> reporter: there was a time after this 2009 semi crash off the newly built s-curve that they were taking
. when joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen made an unnonsed visit to afghanistan, some soldiers asked about how the debt crisis would affect their paychecks. harry reid talked about the encounter on the senate floor. >> soldiers admiral mullen talked with weren't asking about military strategy or how a drawdown would affect them. they asked whether they would get paid if republicans force the united states to stop paying its bills. the reason that has been rocked by violence and plagued by suicide bombers, they wondered how they would take care of families if the checks stop coming next month. the troops also pressed mullen on how it would affect military operations. what is it going to take to find a solution to the debt crisis? wolf blitzer and don lemon break down the hurdles and options. don't miss get it done tonight 9:00 eastern only on cnn. >>> i'll be back in one hour from now with the latest from washington as negotiations continue to work out a debt deal before tuesday's deadline. the best political team on television is gatng
. in a recent speech to the young cadets at west point, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, expressed his fear of a disconnect between the american people and its military. he said, "our work is appreciated. of that i am certain. there is not a town or a city a visit where people do not convey to me there great pride in what we do. even those who do not support the wars support the troops. but, i fear they do not know lots. i fear they do not comprehend the full weight of the burden we carry or the price we pay when we return from battle. -- battle." as someone who can visit troops in remote places around the globe and has had a firsthand look at their skills, dedication, and sacrifice, i hope to continue to address that disconnect by sharing what i have experienced and expressing my belief in how fortunate we are all to have such an exceptional military force in the dangerous and unpredictable world we live in. as journalists, you know such a dark forces are loose in our day. it is our military that deny us these enemies and preserve our freedom often at the nearest
$1 trillion in economic losses, admiral mike mullen hinted that the problem may well rest with china. >> they are very capable in the cyber world. it worry a great deal about that. we've got to be able to continue to address those challenges with them. >> reporter: the deputy secretary of defense made bombshell revelation rolling out the strategy this week. 13-page document outlining how the u.s. would respond to a future cyber attack. they announced the pentagon and defense network sustained one of the largest attacks to date in march. >> this was significant and it was a defense contractor. data related to systems developed at the department of defense. large, 24,000 files. it was done by we think foreign intelligence service. >> reporter: lynn refused to say which nation but privately pentagon officials concede most prior attacks emanated from russia or china. in may, lockheed martin the largest defense department contractor and maker of the super stealth next generation s-35 joint strike fighter revealed that its computers had been hacked. how will the u.s. military respond to fu
.m. right here. >>> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen told soldiers in kandahar if talks fail they still have to fight but might not get paid. >> plenty of you live paycheck to paycheck if paychecks stop, it can have a devastating impact pretty quickly. >> and then there at camp leather neck, mullen told marines, all services face cutbacks in size and possibly as well in military benefits. >>> as you heard from nbc's luke russert, the reaction is mixed on capitol hill to reports on the white house that the gop has reach aid deal. with signs of dissent on the left and right in the house of representatives. joining me now is eddie berniece from texas. good morning. where do you stand on things this morning? what are you hearing overall? >> all i'm hearing i'm hearing on msnbc. we have not communicated with each other. however, what i'm hearing, i am not impressed, because raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with more and more cuts. we have heard over and over again that unless the economy gets better, the president is in peril. well, the economy is not going
by the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen, that pakistan's security forces may have allowed the killing of a pakistani journalist. salim shahzad was investigating connections between extremists and the pakistani military. ties between the two countries have been strained since the killing of osama bin laden. >>> u.s. officials say defense secretary leon panetta was not in harm's way when a rocket attack happened overnight in iraq. iraqi police say three rockets hit baghdad's green zone. panetta is in baghdad today, meeting with top u.s. military and diplomatic leaders. discussions will include possibly keeping some u.s. troops in iraq beyond 2011. >>> new from overnight, an apparent water main break. our news crews snapped these photos of the gushing water. the break left a lot of standing water on the roadway. we did leave messages with d.c. water but have not yet heard back from the department. not too far away, crews are getting ready for a major upgrade that could affect your commute in georgetown. crews will close the eastbound lane of canal road between mcarthur and 35
mike mullen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice-president of the united states. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the arrival of the official party and remained standing as honors are rendered. ladies and gentlemen, taking the reviewing stand is the honorable robert m. gates, secretary of defense, accompanied by admiral mike mullen, and the host of today's tribute, the president of the united states, barack obama. please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, secretary thes was you tharepresented wht distinguished public service award and the united states air force decoration for exceptional civilian service. mrs becky gates has been awarded the distinguished public service award by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. [applause] ♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the united states national anthem. ♪ >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, admiral mullen. >> mr. president, sec. gates, becky, distinguished guests, good morning. on behalf of our men and women in unufirm, -- uniform, let me thank you for being here as we honor robert yates. -- gates.
be with you this morning. general denvercy will replace admiral mike mullen as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff the most senior military advisor in the department of defense. admiral mullen's service in the last four years, during the daunting challenges of the worse in iraq and afghanistan have been truly remarkable and the nation owes him our deepest gratitude. it is appropriate at today's hearing also to note the passing last week of former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, retired arm general john shalikashivili. his personal story is well known, rising from post-world war ii immigrant youth to chairman of the joint chiefs. his example of patriotism, leadership and selfless service to the nation and our armed forces inspired the generation that leads our military today. for those of us who knew him, we treasured his professionalism, his candor, and his deep love for america and our men and women in uniform. general denver mpsey's confirma will help the transition to president obama's new security team which have seen significant changes in the last few months. the next
remarks by joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen. this is about one hour. >> ladies and gentleman, the vice president of the united states, accompanied by mrs. gates and mr. bradley gates. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the arrival of the official party, and remained standing as honors are rendered -- remain standing as honors are rendered. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, we're here to review an official, the honorable robert gates, secretary of defense, the company by admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and the host for today's tribute, president of the united states barack obama. ♪ ["stars and stripes" forever forever"s playing] [guns firing] please be seated. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, secretary gates was awarded the united states army decoration for exceptional civilian service, the united states navy's distinguished public service award, and the united states air force decoration for exceptional civilian service. his wife has been awarded the distinguished public service award by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. [applause] [appl
loomed large today when joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen made an unannounced visit to afghanistan. troops asked him how a u.s. default would affect their paychecks. >> one of the concerns that -- that young men and women expressed to me on this trip is here we are halfway around the world fighting our country's wars. and i've got to worry about a paycheck potentially on the 15th of august. which is what would be the first payday, if you will, from my understanding, would be in jeopardy if, in fact, we default. >> the soldiers also pressed mullen about the debt debate's impact on overall military operations. >>> in a lingering question, is washington on the right path to avoid a downgrade of the u.s. credit rating? earlier cnn's gloria borger talked with a top economist about that. >> do you think this is also enough to kind of avert a downgrade from our aaa status right now? >> well, yes, of course, i'm -- you know, i'm not in the rating agency. i can't speak for them. but listening to what they have to say, i think this would be sufficient, yes. you know, all the r
people have told us that they wanted to change the way business was done. mike mullen, who you quoted recently, he says -- >> chairman of the joint chiefs. >> chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he said that the greatest national security threat to our nation is our debt. >> but we know this. we understand the backdrop. it's a question of how you unwind something so big when there is a real prospect here of real financial calamity. >> and i understand that and look at what happened last night and this morning. john boehner has been saying this entire week that the bill he first introduced in the house of representatives was actually a bill that was supported by harry reid. harry reid has been denying it the whole week. he has been not telling the truth the entire week, saying that was not the bill he agreed to. then this morning we find out that the only difference between harry reid and john boehner was the triggers. that's the only thing, the only distinction. so, now we know that john boehner has been telling the truth the entire week. the bill that he first introduced in the ho
process. they don't understand with so much at stake. admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is asked by soldiers on a trip to afghanistan, are we going to get paid, and he tells them he's not sure he can answer that question. so the stakes obviously couldn't be higher. it's hard to believe. after 21 years of experience covering this now, it's hard to believe, even given everything that's going on, even after the high tension, the drama, the partisan bickering, that they're not going to come to some kind of agreement when they're relatively close in the senate with the reid plan and what republicans have proposed in the past. >> okay. thank you very much, mike viqueira. see you next hour. >>> we invite all of you to watch "meet the press" tomorrow, the guest will be david plouffe. if it is sunday, it's "meet the press." joining me from washington, congresswoman from florida, debbie wasserman schultz. she is the chair of the democratic national committee and also serves on the house budget committee. thanks for joining us. >> ink that's, alex. >> we have the ho
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